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About Me

I paint invisible things, like the struggles of life and the gifts that emerge from them.  I work by looking intently at real objects, giving solid form to spiritual ideas.

 In the past two years I’ve painted over 30 small flower studies.

Currently I am interested in flowers because of their attraction to life-giving light -which opens up new metaphors to explore. I am concerned about space, scale, and repetition in the compositions.  Multi layered in technique and meaning, with color and light directing the eye in the composition, the paintings are poems about the human condition.  Flowers thrive with the right conditions. These paintings strive to capture not just the flowers, but the environment of light and air.  


   In this series I am exploring flowers as a type of healing with beauty, a kind of offering to counterbalance the difficult, sometimes, tragic events in life. This is an attempt at painting hope.

Current Small Flower Paintings